Auto-Vac Tray (Auto Bak / Economiser) Complete with NRV & Pipe

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Auto-Vac Tray (Auto Bak / Economiser) Complete with NRV & Pipe

The Autovac System has been prominent in busy cask ale houses for nearly 100 years in the north of England.

When beer is served with high condition or/and with a tight sparkler nozzle, this results in a large un-servable frothy head.  With the Autovac system and good training, when pulling a pint and tipping the clean glass away from the hands, the beer flows over the edge of the glass and into the Autovac Tray.  From here the beer in the tray immediately goods back into beer engine and back into the glass.  This action agitates the CO2 content out of the beer so the beer ending in the glass has less CO2 content and becomes smoother to drink (creamed).

This item includes: -

  • Autovac Tray (for single beer engine)
  • Autovac Float
  • Tray Nut, Tail & Washer Set
  • Float Grid
  • Pipe Tee Piece (Autovac Valve) to join Autovac into beer line below handpull
  • Tray to Tee pipe with Hose Clips

 As there are many handpull variations please contact us for optional Autovac Drip Tray Bracket for your model of handpull

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