At RLBS Ltd, we strive for excellence in all we do to provide our valued customers with high quality and durable dispense equipment. We have the technical expertise and vast industry knowledge to help customers overcome complex challenges and enjoy a tailored service offering. We are able to assist with the design of branded products and the identification of robust materials that deliver better long-term solutions. It is our ability to flexibly support our customers’ varied needs that makes us stand out as a leading force in the brewing industry.


Our products are all manufactured and remanufactured to industry-leading quality standards. We follow strict quality control processes and all products are fully tested at our manufacturing facilities in Wrexham and Keighley.


We offer unrivalled industry expertise and can troubleshoot to overcome the most challenging briefs. We can fulfil specific requests, from design support to rapid delivery, ensuring we provide robust solutions and a highly responsive service.


We have the capacity to store finished products and spares at our facility in Wrexham. This enables us to rapidly access components as and when orders are placed. This arrangement delivers a flexible and agile logistics solution for customers operating throughout the UK.

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