Cask-Ready kit for Cask Widge (replacement of the Race Cask Ventilator)

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Cask-Ready Kit for Cask Widge

The long awaited and simple to use

Cask-Ready Kit for Cask Widge

from RLBS

( A replacement to the now obselete Race Cask Ventilator)

Complete with Instructions

The Cask-Ready performs 2 very important jobs to ensure the cask ale is dispensed in the best condition.

     1. Helps extend the beer quality by stopping the free-movement of air into the cask.

The air around us contains wild yeast and bacteria.   These elements when they come into contact with the beer in the cask start the deteriation process (going stale).   The Cask-Ready, which is filled with fresh water by the user, creates an airlock to stop this free-movement of air into the cask and thus away from the beer.   Air will only ingress into the cask when beer is drawn out.

     2. Visually indicates when a freshly opened cask is ready to serve.

Real ale is a live product meaning this is still working in the cask.  The secondary fermentation that happens with this live product produces CO2 (the element that give the beer the natural effervescence).   Too much of this CO2 within the beer makes dispensing difficult so knowing when the beer is ready to be served has always been a skill.   Using the water trap in the Cask-Ready as a visual indicator, any expel of CO2 from the beer will be shown by bubbles of CO2 blowing out through the water.    When the bubble rate reaches a maximum of 1 bubble every 10 second this indicates the level of CO2 is such that the beer is ready to be dispensed.

Both these processes remove the need to soft (porous) peg and the shutting of of the Cask Widge grey valve in-between and during serving periods.

To clean the Cask-Ready simple soak in a mild solution of beer line cleaner and water then rinse with fresh water ready for re-use.

Kit comprises of:-

  • Cask-Ready device
  • Spacer seal for Cask Widge Tap
  • Silicone Hose for Cask Widge Tap Vent
  • Full Instructions with pictures


The Cask-Ready is also available for horizontal casks on stillage, Kit for Ridgit Ale Extractor Systems and kit for the RLBS FleXtractor Vertical Floating Extractor System.   Please see other listing for these options.

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