Fob Detector-(NEW) STL Fob Detector with Twist Bleed

£21.17 £17.64

Fob Detectors are used in the pressurised beer line close to the keg of beer and after a Flojet Pump (if used).
They are designed to close the line (the float drops and seals off the outlet) when the keg runs out of beer or there is excessive gas in the beer.  When closed off this leaves the pipework after the fob detector full of product ready for the next full keg to be connected. The fob detector should then be bled using the flag twist bleed valve to refill the fob detector with beer. The float release lever then is turned open up to open the line again and then the lever is returned back down to reset.

  • 3/8” John Guest Push-Fit Product Inlet & Outlet
  • Wall/Panel Mounting Bracket
  • Twist Lever Bleed with 3/16” John Guest outlet
  • Twist lever float release 
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