RLBS Cask Aspirator / Breather Valve

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RLBS Cask Aspirator / Breather Valve

The RLBS Cask Aspirator is a revolutionary piece of dispense equipment which will keep an open cask of ale in premium condition for up to 20 days.

 This valve helps control / balance the CO2 contents of the beer in an open cask as CO2 is an essential part of the brewing process of real ale.

A simple explanation on how a cask aspirator works is as follows.

 In a non-aspirated cask system, when a pint of ale is pulled from the cask (with handpull system), a pint volume of air (from your beer store/cellar) is pulled into the cask to replace the beer leaving (volume out - volume in).  It is the bacterial and wild yeast in this air which instantly starts the process of the ale becoming stale.

The RLBS Cask Aspirator valve is connected to a supply of CO2 beer gas (from you keg set-up or independently).
Up to 8 casks can then be connected to the Aspirator Valve (to the cask vents, spiles or widge valves).  Then as a pint of ale is pulled from the cask, instead of a pint volume of air being drawn into the cask, a pint volume of CO2 is pulled in.   This CO2 content is balanced by the valve so to not saturate into the beer and as CO2 has no bacteria or wild yeast in its volume means the beer in the cask is kept in premium condition for upto 4 times longer than before.

 Another advantage with this system is now you can use a bigger volume cask and be safe in the knowledge you have the extra time this now allows to use all its content.

Now CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) recognised.

See - CAMRA April 2018 News

 For More information on this and how this can be used in your set-up, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please contact us if you would like an fully built Aspirator System mounted on an easy to install board.

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