RLBS Check Valve with Cleaning Lever

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RLBS Check Valve with Cleaning Lever

RLBS Check Valve (Demand Valve) with Cleaning Lever.

3/8" John Guest IN + 1/2" Barb Tail OUT.

When actioned this “slide across” cleaning lever on the Check Valve, opens the valve so liquid can freely flow though without the need to pull on the handpump handle.  This action allows you, when cleaning, to run more than one handpull at once as no handle need to be pulled.

An RLBS Check Valve is used in the beer line just before the beer engine to stop the beer flowing forward through the beer engine when there is no demand (pump not being pulled).

This unit has a working pressure of between 0 - 45 PSI with no judder (rattle).

This means, if required, and using gas assisted pumps, the gas pumps can be run at beer cellar ring-main pressure (38PSI) without any performance variation across your beer engine range. This higher running pressure create a great advantage when using 1/2pt pull beer engines which require a higher feed pressure.


Another advantage is this unit can be refurbished in the future at a fraction of buying new due to being screwed together not riveted.

  1. Do I need a check valve? We often get asked if a check valve is needed with a traditional hand pull. The answer depends on how the hand pull is being installed - read on to find out
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