RLBS Olympus Cask Aspirator / Breather Spile (Peg)

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RLBS Olympus Cask Aspirator / Breather Spile (Peg)

For use with horizontal casks.

 Olympus Cask Aspirator / Breather Spile is for use with a cask aspirator system for casks laying down (horizontal).

After initially venting your cask and allowing any excess condition to vent, the aspirator peg can then be gently placed in the cask shive.

Incorporated a non-return valve to stop any contamination back up the aspirator line.

Easily stripped for cleaning in a mild beer line cleaning solution.

Couple up to your cask aspirator system using the John Guest Push-Fit 3/8” cartridge.

Robust design – machined from solid acetal plastic.

 Hose barb inlet tail available as an optional extra.

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